Johnny Patch Denim Patches

Everyone has a favorite pair of jeans that they won’t part with even when they have holes!  With Johnny Patch Denim Patches you can reclaim your favorite denim and even add a new flare.   The denim patches are made from recycled jeans fostering the company’s belief in reusing materials while repairing our favorite things.  In a society where everything is constantly being replaced without good reason, I think this is a great idea!

The patches come in a variety of colors to match any denim and also in a few different styles.  There’s even a jean pocket patch which replaces a ripped or missing pocket.

Johnny Patch reviewsFor those of us who can’t sew Johnny Patch has taken out the guesswork.  All you need is a few minutes and an iron and your new jeans are ready to wear.  I really liked the fact that after you wash them they naturally fray.  I also liked the texture of the patch after the first washing.

Johnny Patches using the strongest iron on glue and their claim is that they will stick aand keep you covered!  I have washed my jeans twice and see no indication of the patch loosening.  The price is reasonable for saving your favorite jeans and the idea behind the patches is a good one.  I recommend Johnny Patches for repairing your favorite jeans, skirts or denim jackets, or for those who like to add a little extra design and personality to their denim.