Intoxicated Zodiac Candles and More

Intoxicated Zodiac has got to be one of the most unique websites out there for green shopping. They mix green products with alcohol and astrology and created a store full of unique, handmade candles, tote bags, muddlers and more.

Being a Virgo, a lover of liquor and a green guy, I decided to try the Virgo Soy Candle. Not only is the packaging lovely, recyclable, made from recycled materials, but it also is handmade and full of Virgo-specific ingredients.

intoxicated zodiac candle review

With pomegranate seeds, kumquats, raw sugar and cachaca and soy wax, I was in for a fragrant treat. The aroma is citrusy and sweet at the same time and the candle lasts for up to 60 hours. I have not gotten to that point yet, but when I do, I am 10000% going to be using this fantastic votive as a glass after it is empty.

IZ really did an amazingly green job here with their candles. It came packaged with coasters so that was awesome as well.

Intoxicated Zodiac is worth visiting and bookmarking. You should also sign up for the newsletter and read the Baroscopes, they are pretty funny and sometimes even true.

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