Inko’s White Tea Lychee Review: It’s Great!

Inko’s Healthy White Iced Tea’s slogan is definitely true. “What whit tea tastes like” is an under statement. White tea is different from normal black or green teas. It’s the bud, not the leaf of the plant. It’s higher in antioxidants and much lighter in flavor. Inko’s tea comes from a region in China known for it’s beautiful landscapes and wide variety of products. Read more about white tea here.

Lychee is a fruit from China, Indonesia, India and the Phillipines too. Just recently, Floridians, Hawaiians and Californians have been growing it too. It’s a tropical fruit. It’s sweet but not overpowering and high in vitamins.

Inko’s White Tea Lychee is delicate, smooth, sweet and 100% thirst quenching. It was a perfect beverage to compliment my Clif Bar for lunch today. The tea has only 56 calories too, but it’s light, but sweet and refreshing. Can’t wait to have more tomorrow

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