Inko’s White Tea: Hmmm, which one’s my favorite?

After trying the Honeydew, Hint o’ Mint, Blueberry, Original, Lychee and White Peach, I tried to come to a conclusion as to which is my favorite.

Tough decision, tough indeed. All of the teas are simple, elegant and not too flavorful, but they are quenchers. The Hint o’ Mint smells, at initial opening, like heavy minty tea, but the smell is deceiving. The tea is smooth and the mint is so subtle and minimal. The Honeydew is unique, I’ve never had that before. The Blueberry is chock full of antioxidants, the White Peach is sweet. The Original is plain, but I’ll have to say, the Lychee is my favorite. I posted about it a few weeks ago, and it’s my fave, with Honeydew in second. It’s probably because they are different and unusual.

There is also an White Energy Tea with all natural tea caffeine and all the usual energy drink extras like ginseng, but somehow Inko’s took away the caffeine high jitters.

As I posted before, go check out Inko’s White Tea.

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