Injini Eco Toe-Socks

Toe Socks are socks that are designed like gloves. There are individual areas for each toe and they are kind of funny at first, but you need to get used to them. I wore both the NuBamboo and the Organic Cotton from the eco-line of Injinji socks and I have to admit, I like both. I?m not sure which one I like better. The bamboo socks are soft and breathable and the organic cotton feel like typical cotton socks.
injini eco toe-sock reviews

The unique part is the individual outlets for each toe. I wore them in my daily routine and they, after about an hour, feel like typical socks, but I like wearing them as slippers. They allow your toes to breathe but they stay warm.

I don?t know many other companies out there that make strictly toe-socks, especially toe-socks made from bamboo and organic cotton. So, if you?re looking for a stocking stuffer or just something different and always useful, look no further, Injini?s the way to go.