Ian’s All Natural Snickerdoodle Cookie Buttons

I’ve already expressed my enjoyment of snickerdoodle cookies that are soft and moist (see my review of Udi’s brand snickerdoodles here). So I guess I was expecting these cookie bites to be soft and moist as well, figuring that is how all snickerdoodle cookies are, including ones that I’ve made myself. Unfortunately moist is not the case regarding these cookie buttons from Ian’s All Natural – they are crunchy and hard. Not like the good crumbly/crunchy type either, more like the crunchy hard kind that makes you worry if they will challenge your fillings in a durability contest. I guess my dislike for crunchy cookies is just showing through, as I was very disappointed that they were so crunchy.

Unlike the snickerdoodle cookies that come from Udi’s, I found these cookie buttons to be spicy. Though ginger is one of the last ingredients on the list it still felt like there was way too much ginger in the taste of them. I’m mostly happy with all of the ingredients, as they are all everyday items and I can pronounce them all (just my quick little test to know if any chemicals are used). With these simple ingredients it makes them gluten, wheat, milk, casein, egg and nut free. But unfortunately I am bummed to find that the last ingredient is “natural flavor.” Which just seems like a sneaky way for the company to use whatever enhancers to cheapen the product without being very specific. If Ian’s is being a natural food company I think they should be transparent about every ingredient they use. I was happy to see Udi’s snickerdoodle didn’t hide behind generic terms like “natural flavor,” which generally makes it a substitute for the real thing.

However on a positive note, these cookie buttons come in a single serve pouch for a quick on the go treat. Sure these cookie buttons probably are healthier than Oreos but I probably wouldn’t buy my own package of them because I just didn’t enjoy them that much. If you want a great snickerdoodle cookie, check out Udi’s.

Have you ever made snickerdoodles? If so, are your’s soft or crunchy?