Hyde Organic Yoga Kit Kat Tank

Happy Veteran’s Day! Be sure to thank a Veteran today, I’m sure they’d appreciate it. Now onto today’s review from Hyde Organic Yoga.

Earlier this year I attended the NYC Green Festival, where I met the lovely people behind Hyde Organic Yoga clothes. I instantly knew they had a great idea with their organic cotton yoga clothing line. As I believe those who enjoy yoga classes are concerned with what they put on their bodies, these clothes are just what they would want to wear.

I know I would consider myself one of those people, who put more concern into products they use in life. What food I put in my body is just as important as the clothes I put on my body, so anything made of organic cotton is right up my alley. The Kit Kat shirt in Dusk I received is made from 92% organic cotton with 8% spandex (just for a little stretch) and it is oh so super soft! I really do find a great difference between regular cotton and organic cotton, especially in the feel of the fabric. If you have a choice in the type of cotton you purchase, I’m certain you won’t regret the organic cotton’s softness.

Hyde Yoga found that by using organic cotton (free of chemicals) it helped to lower the air and water pollution that would normally go hand-in-hand with traditional cotton processing. It is great that Hyde Yoga also cares about the earth and does what they can to help protect it. Founded 15 years ago by A.K. L’heureux; a runner with an injury. She found that yoga helped to relieve more than just her physical body. It helped to create a feeling of “all-rightness,” which then led her to quit her job, attend art school and began working at a small design company, then resulting in the creation of Hyde Yoga. I’m happy to know that Hyde Yoga wasn’t created from corporate greed but a caring for the practice of yoga and the attainment of being fully in the moment.

I was really excited to try the Kit Kat shirt in an actual yoga class, as I felt that would give me the best experience. Since the beginning of this year I have tried to attend the Sunday morning yoga class at my gym, when my schedule allowed. The first few classes I attended were a struggle with what to wear – my t-shirts were too baggy, allowing them to slide down my torso during downward dog, so that didn’t work well. Through a few more classes I had noticed many others wearing sleeveless tanks, figuring that might be the way to go. With my Kit Kat shirt in size Medium on, I headed to class to put it to the yoga test.

The lack of sleeves helped it to never feel constricting. The feminine scoop neck line (with some slight ruching) is my favorite feature, which flows into a racerback style in the upper back. It does come with built-in bra support, but I would much rather do without it. The support was really lacking with the built-in bra, so I ended up wearing a sports bra with the shirt too. Three layers of clothing ended up being a bit tight in that area, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. I never really considered myself a person with a long torso, but perhaps according to Hyde Yoga I am. This shirt (after one washing according to the directions and air drying) was just a bit too short to my liking. Having to worry if my shirt was going to be a quarter way up my torso during half warrior pose wasn’t helpful to my concentrating during class.

In my real world use, I’d say nix the built-in bra and add a bit more length to it – then I’d be in love with it. However, that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t be wearing this super soft shirt to class in the future, I just might order a size up from what I normally wear if I was to purchase a different item from Hyde Yoga. Overall great material but to me questionable sizing.

What do you like to wear to yoga class?