How to Get Involved for Earth Day 2015

Get Outside! Find a way to get outdoors and give Mother Nature a hand.

  • Go for a walk around your neighborhood or a hike through the woods. Now is the perfect time to get into Geocaching. If you don’t know about this great activity, look it up, you won’t be disappointed. Be sure to pick up any trash you find along the way too!
  • Take it a step further and sign up for a town-wide clean up event. There are many clean up events related to Geocaching as well. Search for them here.
  •  Help out at your local community garden. Sometimes they need maintenance or just get started building your own garden while there.

Attend an eco-conscious event.

Make your purchases more considerate of the earth.

  • Find items that are made from recyclable materials, recycled materials, or items that have very little impact on Earth.
  • Purchase organic food when possible. Try to purchase at least the dirty dozen fruits and vegetables organically. Your body will thank you.
  • Create less of an environmental impact for the weekend. Public transportation and riding a bike are great alternatives to driving your car, and creates much fewer emissions, if any at all!

Walking or biking places is great for your health, beneficial for our beautiful environment, and best of all its FREE! Enjoy our beautiful land this Earth Day, and every day after that.