SoyQuick Review: Make your own soy milk for pennies a day

homemade soymilk from soyquick

If you take a look to the right, you’ll notice there’s an ad for Soy Quick’s products including the the revolutionary Soy Quick Milk machine. Click that ad to check out their products, but before you do, read my first experience with making my own soymilk from dried soy beans.

It is a very easy task. When you purchase the machines, they not only come with printed instructions, but even better a DVD. I decided the old school way was going to be less fun, so I gave that a shot. The instructions were simple and flawless. Soak your beans for 8-10 hours, fill the water jug, put the soybeans where they go and hit start. Around 10 minutes later, you are set. Now, you need to cool your milk, unless you like it HOT!

The process was much easier than I imagined. I will give you some hints. Add some flavorings like vanilla, cinnamon or brown sugar, cane syrup, almond, or even whole almonds or coffee beans into the water or beans and it will taste even better. Take a look at your store-bought soy milk and see what is used.

The machine now and again makes a strange noise. Watch the short video clips I took here and here to see what I’m talking about. There are a bunch of pictures here of the machine and process, so you need to look at those also.

The taste is interesting. I expected the milk to taste like store-bought soy milk. That creamy sugary smooth milky consistency and all that. Well, it was, except the milk was much nuttier. I am going to try this next time, so write this down… Drain the soy milk from the jug into a coffee filter so it strains out some of the crushed bean shells. The nutty flavor wasn’t bad, it was just unexpected. After drinking the milk all week, i decided it was much better tasting than store-bought. It is sort of tedious to clean up too. You need to scrub it down, but in the end it is worth it. Use some gloves also, cause the machine can get hot, that’s for sure.

You can also purchase juicers and tofu makers from the ad below or to the right. That’s next, i LOVE tofu so I’d love to make my own. The overall savings by making your own milk is crazy. It’s totally worth buying one! Maybe I will make some different combinations of flavors. That would be fun and unique.