Higher Grounds Fair Trade Coffee Review

Higher Grounds Trading Company is a company fueled by its social mission and driven by a passion for sourcing the highest quality coffees from around the world. Their mission is to Support A Fair Trade, Save Biodiversity and Bird Habitats, Promote Organic Agriculture, Support the Formation of Indigenous Rights and Dignity and lastly, Foster Corporate Social Responsibility. This is done from through regular communication, yearly visits, and collaboration with human rights and development organizations, Higher Grounds is proud to offer our customers a first-rate coffee and the opportunity to create social change.

Now, on to the coffee. The first kind of coffee, I sampled is the Colombian Fondo Paez Medium Roast. It’s A unique coffee with a carmel flavored creamy coffee that is not too dark and perfect for everyday drinking. It would work well with some liquor too.

Fondo Paez is a area of Columbia with 300 families in the mountains in central Columbia. They are a non-violent group in a country filled with civil war. They take great pride in their coffee and their culture. It’s reflects in their agriculture.

The Michigan based company stands behind their products and is really committed to the community and the world. Their coffee is free trade and organic. Check it out if you’re coffee drinker.


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