HelloMellow Pink Himalayan Body Scrub

HelloMellow is a fantastic all natural body product company created by Tracy Feldstein. A massage therapist and healer, Tracy began creating these all-natural products for herself and her client. But has now grown to distribution to the masses. What’s even better than that is that HelloMellow has partnered with Boarding 4 Breast Cancer (B4BC) Survivorship Fund, which connects breast cancer survivors with nature-based health and wellness retreats to help their long-term healing. 5% of items that are purchased from the balance collection are donated to this fund. This includes the Pink Himalayan Body Scrub in this Balance Collection.

Now onto what makes this a great product besides its partnership with B4BC. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is treasured for its detoxifying and healing properties. And I certainly believe these hold true since this scrub has made my skin unbelievably soft and smooth. Though the tightly packed salt didn’t seem to hold together well while trying to use, it crumbled more than I expected while I was trying to spread it around. It also didn’t lather like other previous body scrubs I had used have, but I guess different ingredients lend itself to different results. All of that can be easily be looked past since when it is rinsed off this scrub helps to make my skin feel like it was just moisturized by a thick cream. That may be because of the pure avocado-mango butter and lovely orange scent. Though I didn’t think that the scent carried over to stay on my skin throughout the day, which is fine with me.

Enjoying this product is fantastically easy, rub in small circles all over your skin or for a smoothing bath, sprinkle some salt into a warm tub… and say HelloMellow. To view the other products in the balance collection and see what other collections HelloMellow offers, head over to their website, maybe even you can help donate to the Boarding 4 Breast Cancer Survivorship Fund.