Harmony Valley Vegetarian Hamburger Mix

harmony valley foodsIf you’re a vegetarian or someone who is looking to become one (perhaps because you want to reduce your impact on the Earth), I’d recommend you try Harmony Valley’s Vegetarian Hamburger Mix. The mix is a soy based, vegan and kosher certified meat alternative that makes eating less meat, or eating meat-less easy and versatile. All I needed to do was to hydrate the mix for 15 minutes in the fridge and then use it as I would have any ground meat product. I opted to use the mix in a recipe for Vegetarian Chili provided right on the back of the package and I’ll admit, the mix was not appealing to the eye and I was skeptical about actually eating it. It resembled wet cat food more than it did ground meat, but once cooked and prepared, I couldn’t tell the difference. I even served some of the chili to college students, who had no idea they weren’t eating a meat-based chili. Convenient and tasty, Harmony Valley’s Hamburger Mix is a tasty alternative to ground meat.