Hank’s Green Apple Gourmet Infusion

I smell like Hank’s Green Apple Gourmet Infusion. Sitting here, minding my own business, I decided to open a can and write a few words about it. Noting the All Natural Sparkling description, I opted to not shake it first. I flipped the tab and it exploded anyway. I have to make some calls and see if they sell these at gag shops. If you try one and it doesn’t explode, serve it in a dribble glass.

Hanks Green Apple Infusions

Undaunted, I forge ahead, cursing Hank under my breath but willing to give this drink a fair evaluation. After all, there are worse things to smell like.

I like the level of carbonation, lighter and smoother than most sodas. Maybe it’s a little flatter than it was before the eruption of carbon dioxide upon opening, but I found it pleasing to the palate.

Flavor-wise, Hank has created for us quite a tasty treat, using apple and lemon juice concentrates, along with 39 grams of sugar, to deliver a not-too-sweet, not-too-sour sparkling beverage. The apple flavor is clean and tasted natural; no artificial flavors here.

So, the sugar level is pretty close to that of many popular sodas, but there are some benefits here as well. Each can supplies 60% of USRDA of Vitamins C, E, and B12, as well as 15% of calcium. You also get 75mg of something called EGCG, which stands for epigallocatechin gallate. EGCG is a type of antioxidant, with certain studies linking it to helping the skin fight tumor formation and the effects of UV radiation. Hank’s derives their EGCG from green tea.

Although I found the tasting experience to be quite enjoyable, I do have a couple of issues here. Namely, the third and fourth ingredients: skim milk and cream. I’m old enough to remember Laverne drinking milk and Pepsi, and I tried it, but I think there’s a reason they don’t sell carbonated milk. Maybe the dairy makes this drink creamier than it would be otherwise, but it also makes the appearance somewhat sketchy. I’m willing to say that if this were sold in clear bottles instead of opaque cans, they’d have a tougher time finding customers. But it’s not in clear bottles, so put on a bib, open a can, and enjoy… assuming you are not vegan.

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