Greensleeves Garment Care

Blueberries and khaki pants do not match, but Greensleeves Garment Care in Long Island, NY did a mighty fine job cleaning the pants in a green, toxic-free way and left no trace of the blueberry incident. Much like other green cleaners out there, Greensleeves will pick up and deliver your clothes back to you.

Greensleeves offers a truly eco-friendly way of cleaning your valuable threads. They are, like everyone else, blogging. Living the Green Way is Greensleeve?s official blog, so you should check that out.


I said that they removed ther blueberries from my pants, but they also cleaned my favorite argyle sweater. This sweater is light and delicate, so I was nervous, but the cleaners did a great job. No tears and it?s soft as it was when it was brand new!

You?ve got my vote Greensleeves. Too bad my pants just had another incident, this time with chocolate.