Greensleeve Laptop Case Product Review

xs project usa greensleeves
The XS Project Greensleev
e recycled laptop case has to be one of the coolest laptap cases I’ve ever seen.  It’s unique, it’s colorful, and it’s thick enough to keep your notebook completely safe wherever you’re hauling it around.

The first cool thing about this laptop sleeve is the fact that it’s made out of old fabric banners. The banners are bright, and definitely give the sleeve a funky “graffiti” look. I can’t pull this thing out in a public place without getting a comment from someone. People want to know what it is and where I got it, because they’ve simply never seen another laptop sleeve like this one.

The second cool thing about this recycled laptop sleeve is that buying one helps support impoverished people in Southeast Asia. XS Project buys trash from trashpickers to make their bags, notebooks, laptop sleeves, and pencil cases. This brings new income for these people, and keeps this trash off the streets and out of the landfills.

So far I’ve been completely happy with the XS Project Greensleeve. It’s kept my notebook safe, and I love having such a unique sleeve. I also love the fact that it’s completely made out of recycled materials. I’d definitely recommend buying one of these awesome notebook sleeves if you need one!