Green Kitchen Tools

green kitchen tool reviewsOne of the places that I dream and need to green the most in my home is the kitchen.  I have lots of plastic containers(gasp) and old pots and pans with unhealthy surfaces and mismatched kitchen tools that are not in great condition or are, again, plastic!  So, when I got the box of goodies from Green Kitchen Tools I was so excited!  I tore in like it was my birthday and couldn’t believe what I found!  I am a bit nerdy about this…..I LOVE the details! Before I even get to the awesome tools themselves, my attention went straight to the tags.  They were attached to each item with twine and stated the name of the item with printed on recycled paper with eco-friendly soy based ink.  What a wonderful bonus!!  They also state there is a lifetime limited warranty, please recycle, washing instructions for the item, and that bamboo is a renewable resource and naturally bacteria resistant! All of that on a tiny little tag!  Fine, I am big nerd and I even still have the tags, but they are great and the details matter.  Okay, so now on to the actual tools themselves.  I received a spoon, slotted turner, whisk, slotted spoon, and silicone spatula.(what they call the Essential Set on their site)
green kitchen tools
From the Green Kitchen Tools site:

Green Kitchen Tools are:
• Heat and stain resistant
• Safe to use on all non-stick surfaces
• Will not absorb flavors or odors
• Lightweight and strong – the sturdy bamboo handles provide a durable, long lasting kitchen tool

From my experience so far, I have to agree 100% percent with all of the above. I love these tools and am on my way to a much GREENER kitchen!