Green Apple Cleaners

New York?s Green Apple Cleaners has a great concept. They are a Local, eco-friendly dry cleaners with fast and convenient services. They use reusable bags and offer pickup and delivery services.

I am not in New York City, but Green Apple Cleaners has one of their large depots right near my home in Lodi, New Jersey. Check out the site for how their system works, but just some words of advice, sign up and use them, it?s totally worth it.

I stopped in to drop off two articles, an old army jacket that I bought at the Salvation Army and my Sling and Stones denim. I arrived after the store closed, but the clerk was kind enough to let me in after hours. I dropped off the two pieces and headed home.

green apple cleaners

Three days later, I picked up the goods. Not only was it clean, it was amazing. The denim was clean and freshly pressed. They still had the same selvage stiffness that they are supposed to have and the jacket did not look like it was from 1971.

When I bought the jacket, it was missing a button on one of the cuffs, they fixed it without even asking or charging for the repair. It was wonderful. The jacket smelled brand new and fit like a charm. It was a wonderful day.

I spoke with Chris, the President of the CO2 cleaning company; he is a great guy with a great group of people working with him. They have Smart cars and use all earth friendly practices as much as possible. If you live locally in Bergen County, NJ, stop by the Lodi or the new Mahwah location. You will not be disappointed.

Tune back soon, we?re going to head into the plant and chat more with Chris and company. I have to wait until it?s time to dry clean something else!

In the meantime, check out Green Apple Cleaner?s site for tons more information.