Gourme Mist Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I’m not a huge salad guy but I will eat them. I ate some to do this review as a matter of fact. When I eat salad I keep it simple, lettuce, tomato, some onion perhaps. For dressings I like oil and balsamic vinegar with a little salt and pepper.

The Gourme Mist Extra Virgin Olive Oil was perfect for my salad, I am notorious for putting too much oil in my salad when I do eat them. The fine mist gave me good coverage on all of my lettuce for a nice even taste.

I quickly realized I would use it for other things where I used olive oil. I used it to grease a pan where I normally would have used some olive oil out of the bottle. I used it on some bread I was eating with soup, with some veggies I was sautéing for a dinner, even sprayed some on chicken with a little salt and pepper for the grill. As far as taste goes its just as good as the olive oil I was using before, except by using the mist I was using less overall and lowering my fat consumption.

The pump works perfectly, and its nice to know that I’m not releasing Aerosol with each spray. I love that its 100% USDA Organic with an unbelievable 384 servings per bottle. Replacing butter and other things for cooking you are using much healthier oil that is better for you too. The product is win in my book, now I need to see if my local grocer carries it since I’ll be looking to buy again, if I ever make it through the 384 servings!