GoMacro Organic Thrive Bars + Superfood Snack Recipe

When trying to eat organically it can sometimes be challenging to stick to organic foods when you face pre-packaged snacks. As much as I try to avoid pre-packaged snacks, eventually it happens that I need to take along something of convenience. Since I can’t always avoid that, I’m glad to have discovered Thrive GoMacro Organic Superfood Bars – organic snacks on the go are my jam!


Besides being made from quality ingredients, I’m happy to support a family owned and operated business. This Mother/Daughter team uses mostly raw ingredients to create superfood bars with plant based protein. These bars are soy, gluten and dairy free plus Kosher and Non-GMO. To sweeten them all, they are made with infant safe brown rice syrup, so no need to worry about honey allergies.


I’ve enjoyed these as a snack on the trail, especially when I already feel hungry. They curb hunger right away, so feeling “hangry” isn’t an issue later. The unique flavors take a bit of getting used to, as I don’t often eat flower flavored foods. So the Lavender Blueberry bar was interesting to try. Flavors are not lacking in these bars, Ginger Lemon is certainly spicy and tangy from a generous amount of ginger chunks. I actually enjoyed the coconut flavored bar because the coconut flavor wasn’t overpowering since I’m not a huge fan of coconut.


During a short morning hike, on the way back to the trailhead just one of these bars was enough fuel to help power me through the hike along with my entire full backpack. The chocolate and peanut butter flavors are certainly my favorite, since they taste like eating dessert.

The packaging for these bars are 100% recyclable and compostable. As the bar packaging can be sent to or dropped off at any Terracycle location. And if you have a box of bars like I did, the container is compostable or even a great starter container for seedlings. So don’t just go ahead and throw your packaging in the trash. There is always a way to make it into something else!

Speaking of making things into something else, check out below the fun way I enhanced these superfood bars into even better snacks.

GoMacro Thrive Superfood Snack Recipe

Since I enjoyed Thrive’s Superfood bars so much I thought I would try to create a new snack recipe. Quick and simple additions make these bars even more tasty.

A spoonful of peanut butter adds an extra punch of protein, to create a superfood bar sandwich.

Add a slice of frozen banana for a creamy texture.