Go Picnic Lunches

I absolutely love these to go lunches by Go Picnic! They are such great healthy meals that are also organic.  I had the great pleasure of being able to review two different boxes of meals.  It is amazing how much food they can fit into these small boxes.  The two types of meals that I received to review were Peanut Butter & Crackers and Hummus & Crackers.

The Peanut Butter & Crackers was great, just had a few improvements that would help.  The peanut butter packet itself was meant to be squeezed out, but was much more messy without a knife provided to spread it.  Additionally the peanut butter had separated from the oil in the packet, so that made for messy oily crackers.  So I wish the peanut butter came in more of a toothpaste like tube to contain the oil better.  Since my kneading of the package before use didn’t help.

go picnic reviewsNow for all the benefits of this pre-made lunch; the spork for the applesauce included was better than a usual spork especially because it folded in half for the convenient small lunch packs.  I’ve never been a fan of gummy bears or candy like that.  However when I opened the package of gummy bears, they smelled great like the actual fruit juice they are made from.  I’m glad there is a healthy alternative to this candy for those who enjoy it.  My favorite was the Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies, I was also glad that it was a brand name that I recognize.  A cute idea that was included in the box (actually printed on the bottom of the box) a game of suduko for when you are finished eating.  Additionally on the side of the box each has some random fun facts about eating.

Both of these packaged lunches are all-natural meals featuring some organic foods, gluten-free, vegan, kosher with no trans fats, high fructose corn syrup or MSG.  It is nice that they don’t need refrigeration so they can be taken anywhere.  Since the box is recloseable, it helps to keep any unfinished food all together until next time.

The Hummus & Crackers meal tasted great and didn’t have any separation problems as the peanut butter did.  Hummus was in a great squeeze tube package that was mess-free unlike the peanut butter.  I didn’t care for the trail mix included; it happened to be spicy and ruined the flavor for the rest of the food.  I wished there were more crackers in the package in comparison to the amount of hummus provided.  The crackers were a bit too snappy/flat/crunchy, but still tasted good with the hummus.  Pita chips would have been a better idea.  Perhaps a knife or spoon/spork combo as the other meal had would have been helpful to spread the hummus easier.  If you are short on time and need a healthy convenient meal, definitely look to any of these meal options from Go Picnic.