function drinks Review Part 1

function drinks

function drinks is a company with a different kind of goal. function uses all natural ingredients to create all of their drinks. However, function drinks also is physician derived, which is their big selling point. A medical doctor actually developed each one of the beverages with the idea to create something unique, healthy, all natural and tasty.

Each one of the beverages has unique qualities, with distinct taste and functions, hence the name. In this review, you will read my opinions on Braniac, Youth Trip and Alternative Energy.

Brainiac function drinks

Brainiac also known as the memory enhancer is a made from star fruit, grape and acai. It?s a sweet drink and reminds me of a semi-bitter grape drink. The science behind this drink is similar to other memory boosters, green tea and gingko biloba, but the differences are vast. Brainiac doesn?t use Green Tea, rather is uses the Soy Phosphatidylserine (PS) from the green tea. The part of the green tea that actually aids in memory boost. There is plenty of Zinc and even more Vitamin E. Click this link to see the entire story behind the drink. One thing to note is that Brainiac is NOT vegan, however it is vegetarian, according to the site.

The beverage is known to work fast and really go straight to your brain and I can attest to that. It kicks in immediately and you feel keener then normal.

Alternative Energy is basically a caffeine boost. The drink is made from a combination of different plants that contain caffeine and other energy sources such as yerba mate and guarana. However, for all the energy and caffeine you get from Alternative Energy, you don?t crash and you don’t bulk up on carbs.

Alternative Energy claims to give you sustained energy for 6 to 8 hours with a subtle landing from the boost. For someone like myself, who does NOT drink caffeinated drinks often, this boost was intense. I was wired for the entire day and did not crash or get a caffeine headache after the beverage was out of my system.

alternative energy function drinks

Click here to see the science behind Alternative Energy. Note, that Alternative Energy is vegan.

Youth Trip, an anti-aging drink is something I normally wouldn?t drink, but it tastes so good. The taste is similar to Brainiac, but less bitter and more sweet. It?s comes from grape seed extract, buckwheat and acai.

The anti-aging formula contains tons of vitamins such as A, C, D, E, Biotin, Calcium and Zinc. It?s like a multi-vitamin in liquid form. Known to reduce winkles and protect the skin from harmful UV Rays, this beverage works from the inside out. Keep drinking it and let me know happens to your skin.

youth trip function drinks

function not only has fun names to match their tasty and healthy beverages. Their website is full of details for every aspect of their product and they take pride in everything they do. We were privledged enough to go to a private party after the Fancy Food Show and meet some of the people behind the scenes at function. They are more like a family than a business which is always great.

You can purchase function drinks online, at Whole Foods and various other stores around the country. function drinks also pack their beverages in PET, another favorite.

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