Full Circle Suds Up Bamboo Dish Brush

After folding laundry, doing dishes by hand is my least favorite chore. However, sometimes certain items do help make those unfavorable tasks just a little bit better. As a runner-up chore I’ve managed to make my next least favorite chore, dish washing, just a little bit better.

That is where the Suds Up Bamboo Dish Brush from Full Circle comes in. It’s firm but gentle brushes have yet to scratch any of my cookware or dishes. As one may think that bristles might be harsher than a soft sponge. If you still don’t trust bristles of a brush to your delicate dishware, you’re in luck because you can just pop on a sponge-head instead of the bristle-head.


Full Circle makes it totally interchangeable with their bamboo handle to pop off the brush and pop on a clean/sanitized one when your brush head has seen better days.

I think that’s a pretty convenient tool already, but what feature I love even more is the built-in liquid soap dispenser in the handle. I do wish the soap button dispensed more soap per button push. As it seems to me that very little soap is dispense when the button is depressed, I need to press it a few more times for enough soap. I am happy for this extra feature, even though I seem to constantly be refilling it. It is better than separately using a bottle of soap.

Though it may be expected when using a dish brush, but once you’re done with your dishes and stand the brush on it’s handle base, all of that extra water held in the bristles end up running down the handle onto your counter or sink top. So be aware when you do use it, as it tends to make a slight flooded mess. It’s a great product with bristles that have lasted incredibly long in comparisons to what any sponge could do. Just be sure not to submerge the bamboo handle in water and you’ll be all set to tackle those dishes with nearly dry hands.