The Battle of The Kettle Chips

Kettle Chips Battle People's Choice

The contestants consist of the following flavors:

Mango Chili
Wicked Hot Sauce
Orange Ginger Wasabi
Jalapeno Salsa Fresca
Death Valley Chipotle

These five flavors are all completely unique from each other, but only one can be the winner. The battle took place over the course of a week. Each day, Bob (remember him from the Wicked Cranberry review) and I sampled a different flavor.

We both agreed the Mango Chili was by far the best one. The heat from the chili pepper was nicely balanced out from the sweet mango. A touch of salt and these potato chips are spectacular. My second favorite was the Orange Ginger Wasabi. It was mildly citrusy and a touch of wasabi for heat. I could not taste any ginger, but the chips worked well.

Neither Bob, nor I liked the Death Valley Chipotle. They were too smoky and no real distinct flavor to them. The last two flavors, Jalapeno Salsa and the Wicked Hot Sauce were enjoyable, but nothing outstanding.

I’d eat the Mango Chili over and over again and you can too. Check out their website to buy or vote for your favorite flavor. The Party Pack comes with fun stickers too!

Kettle Chips Green Building

Kettle is going green. Their chips are not organic, but they are all natural. Read more about Kettle’s Green Building.

Go Vote Today, the contest is almost OVER!