SunRidge Farms-Organic Sunflower Seeds

SunRidge Farms Organic Sunflower Seeds

If you are looking to add a little crunch to your meal or just have a healthy snack that just takes a handful, try SunRidge Farms’ Organic Sunflower Seeds. Made with only organic raw shelled sunflower seeds, so it takes all the trouble out of de-shelling them yourself (which I personally find to be the most annoying part of enjoying the seeds.)

I have happily enjoyed these seeds a great addition to my oatmeal and morning pancakes to add some crunch, plus adds staying power to my meal. Since they are USDA certified organic I didn’t have to worry about pesticides or chemicals while consuming them. They even come in a great re-sealable bag, so they always stay fresh. If you are looking for some organic sunflower seeds to pack a punch these will do great, especially for baking too!