Sage Valley-Multi Grain Chips

Sage Valley Multi Grain Chips

Sunchips have been the alternative to greasy potato chips for a while now, but I think they have a new challenger to compete with in the alternative chip category. Sage Valley makes all natural snack foods, with no preservatives. I was surprised at how airy and light their multigrain chips were. With 16 chips being considered a serving size, I think that is pretty generous, so you won’t feel cheated even though they are healthy.

Made with simple ingredients; corn, whole wheat, rice and whole oat flour besides a little sunflower oil, sugar and sea salt, allowing these chips to have 7 grams of whole grains per serving. They are fantastic with salsa or by themselves, I enjoyed them both ways. Sage Valley makes several other snack varieties, so be on the watch for my review of their Lite Organic Popcorn (50% less oil) as I will be trying that out next.