Rudi's-Colorado Cracked Wheat

Rudi’s Organic Colorado Cracked Wheat Bread

Rudi’s Organic has been making bread products with ingredients you can easily pronounce since 1976, so it’s unfortunate I haven’t heard of them until now. But I am so glad I have! Rudi’s Organic is about living free — free of artificial ingredients, preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, trans-fat and genetically modified organisms (GMO’s). They just use simple ingredients that you might use to bake bread in your own kitchen, no extra junk. Their breads are made in small batches, using rudimentary recipes and only organic ingredients. They even have an entire line of gluten-free bread products too.

Rudi’s Organic has a huge variety of breads, including buns and rolls, tortilla and wraps, bagels and english muffins or the new bagel and sandwich flatz. Its clear Rudi’s Organic products are ever expanding and bringing healthy food along with them.

I’ve had the great chance to enjoy their Colorado Cracked Wheat, named after the home state of Rudi’s Organic. It is slightly sweet, nutty and topped with generous amounts of cracked wheat. To me each slice is a generous thickness, compared to other sliced bread I’ve purchased. Happily dense enough for a snack on its own topped with some butter or light peanut butter with only 100 calories, 3 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber per slice it’s unlikely to impact your diet majorly.

My favorite part of the packaging is that it is clearly marked that it contains no high-fructose corn syrup. Something that I always check for in my food purchases. Not every company makes it easily known that their products don’t contain any. I had no doubt the taste would be spot on, made with these recognizable ingredients: organic whole wheat flour, organic cracked wheat, organic wheat bran, sea salt, and organic cornmeal. Making this loaf soy free, dairy free, vegan, among all the other great benefits. I think I can easily say I love this bread and couldn’t find a single thing I didn’t like about it. I will be trying one more loaf of their many bread varieties so check back for a review of that item and find out where to buy some Rudi’s of your own here.