Flip and Tumble bag

flip and tumble reviews
Just when I think I can’t find a cooler bag, I do. The flip and tumble is a little nylon bag that rolls up into its own stretch pouch. The coolest thing about the bag is that when it’s open and you are using it, the stretch pouch turns into a pocket inside the bag for cell phone or keys. Love that.

It’s the size of a tennis ball when it’s closed up and can hold about 25 lbs. of stuff when the bag is open and you are using it. The bag has a single strap with a bit of padding on the shoulder. This bag stays in my purse/car and whenever I need a bag for something I magically pull it out. People are always surprised. I like the reaction I get when I say no bag thanks, I have my own… it’s a good feeling. The bags are ethically made in China and when you are done with it you can send it back to the company and they’ll recycle it. The flip and tumble is a cool bag to help you fight the use of plastic bags.