Everybody Green Cornstarch Resin Bracelets

I make a lot of my own beaded jewelry. One, because is cheaper than buying a marked up version in a department store, and, two, because it is relaxing and fun. I never thought about the amount of plastic I was using or the effect it was having on the environment. If you visit everybodygreen.com you will find very cute cornstarch resin bracelets, as well as a link that explains the effects of plastics on the environment.


I have the pink Go Green Berries Trio. Not only are these bracelets fashionable, the founder of this site, C.H. Lee, has a goal of selling 1 million bracelets by the end of the year. He then plans of donating 10% of each sale to a number of environmentally friendly non-profit organizations. The mission of the site, and of the products, is We?re ALL in this together Spend the small amount these bracelets cost, and you will be buying into a cleaner world.