Equal Exchange Organic Coffee

Equal Exchange Organic Mind, Body and Soul Coffee is a Fair Trade organic coffee that is smooth with a medium strength. You can taste a slight hint of Chocolate in the coffee but not enough to make it mocha. Available in an assortment of sizes, you can purchase the coffee right on Equal Exhange‘s website. Being 100% fair trade organic it is a little more expensive than your typical coffees.

equal exchange coffee review

I tried this in a couple different machines. In each machine the coffee had the same taste and strength. In each machine some grinds managed to get through the filter and into my mug.

The true test of coffee, for me at least, is to use the My K-Cup for my Keurig machine. This allows for a perfect cup of any coffee every time. With this test the coffee had the same results. So as for consistency the coffee does very well. Personally, the coffee is too bland for me, however everyone has his/her own hence I asked a co-worker for his humble opinion. His reaction is different whereas he thought it wasn’t strong enough.

Overall the coffee is good but if you are very specific as to what coffee you like then try a small bag first.