Equal Exchange Ceylon Green Tea

Fair Trade is Equal Exchange?s primary mission along with offering high quality foods and beverages. Equal Exchange products range from teas and coffees to nuts and chocolate.

equal exchange

The loose, organic Ceylon Green Tea is a perfect example of fair trade tea. Picked in Sri Lanka, the green tea is sweet and fruity. I tried the tea both hot and cold and I actually prefer making it cold. Here?s my trick, if you are interested. Add a tablet or two of sweetener such as Stevia or agave to freshly brewed hot tea and cover with cold filtered water and shake it up a while. Let the sugars mix in and wait a day. Enjoy the iced tea and your all set. I use maybe three tablespoons of tea for 64 ounces of water.

Sweet, antioxidant-rich green tea with a hint of sweetness is just what the doctor ordered.

Be on the lookout for more Equal Exchange reviews. As an update, since I wrote this review, Equal Exchange is discontinuing their loose tea line and replacing it with eco-tea bags.