EnviroVogue Reusable Bag

This is a great reusable bag made from recycled plastic bottles by EnviroVogue. It has a nice square shape that holds up to a large amount of groceries. The canvas handles are long enough to wear the bag on your shoulders, which helps a lot. It also has a reinforced bottom, which helps the bag from sagging under the weight. I think that is a great addition to this bag, which not many other reusable bags feature. EnviroVogue has several different patterns for this bag, including Zebra Stripe, Snow Leopard and Giraffe, among other non-animal patterns.

With the purchase of one of these bags a portion of the proceeds go to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Feed America, or Massai Organization. I certainly think it is great on the part of a company to give back, especially in this rough economic time. Check out what other great bag styles they have on their website and help give back to those in need while shopping. They also currently have a buy 2 get one free offer on their website.