Enviro Shower Filter

After reading and learning about the chlorine in our water system, I became interested in getting a filter for my shower.

When we shower, we wind up breathing in and absorbing the chlorine through our skin. Not such a clean feeling, huh?

I was happy when I came across New Wave Enviro’s Shower Filter since I already had their Premium 10 Stage Water Filter.

Installing the shower filter onto your existing shower head was simple. You are even able to attach your low flow shower head to it. Filtering out the chlorine and low flow…score!

You won’t notice any difference in water pressure or how your shower works. It can take up to a few uses to notice the difference.

After using it for months, I can totally tell the difference in the smell of the water when I run the regular bath water versus the shower. The bath water smells like chlorine.

The filter had to be changed after about 6-8 months. They are available at some health food stores or online.

When changing the filter, I was able to see some of the stuff that it was filtering out. Definitely glad to see that it didn’t make it to my shower water. Pretty nasty.

I’m more comforted using the shower filter knowing that I’m actually getting clean when I shower.