Elements Naturals Baby Wipes

elements naturals baby wipesI use baby wipes for everything, not just changing my kid’s diapers.  They are great for cleaning the car dashboard, spots on the floor, sticky hands, etc…  I know, I know, I always feel guilty that I am being wasteful when I use them for uses other that my baby.  Element’s Baby Wipes take that guilt away.  The wipes are as soft as any other wipes I have used.  They are 100% Natural & Renewable, Chemical/Fragrance/Chlorine Free, and 100% Compostable (whaaat?! Can you imagine composting a dirty diaper wipe?).  They come in a resealable 80 pack of recyclable materials for about $6/pack.  Oh yeah, they are soft and do the job on my baby’s bottom as well!