Ecosystem Journals

ecosystem journal review

If you’re looking for a “green” way to keep your notes, doodles, budgets or plans all in a contemporary, personalized and earth-friendly journal, then Ecosystem Journals are the way to go.  At, you have the opportunity to build your own notebook to your liking.  Choose from four book styles, including advisor (planner style), architect (graph style), artist (sketchbook style) or author (journal style), three different sizes, five different cover colors, and a choice of hard, flexible or essay style cover.

Completely made in the United States, Ecosystem books have a minimal ecological footprint and all paper used is 100% post-consumer recycled fiber.  The best part of these well-made books is that each item has a unique book ID number which you can register your individual book with at Ecosystem’s website and track a book’s origins. Additionally, should your book be lost, it can be returned to you.  When you are finished using your book, Ecosystem’s website also offers directions for properly recycling all parts of your book.