Ecosneaks Sno Tire by Simple Shoes, a review

Ecosneaks are the newest product from Simple Shoes. The Ecosneaks Sno Tires are made from washed leather and organic canvas uppers, organic cotton lining, PET laces and pedbeds. The outer sole is made from recycled cart tires. The paper pulp foot forms keep your shoes in place.

There are four colors for the lowtops and 3 for the hightops. I have the dark earth, which are perfect for work or play. They are like shoes and sneakers in one. They are comfortable and feel nice and snug on my feet. The only gripe I have is that the PET laces seem to come undone more than other shoes. Maybe it’s just me?

The colors selections are earthy. I really like the black ones too. I love when companies turn plastic bottles into other fibers, don?t you?

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