Earthzone Recycled Pencils

I have to say that is doesn’t take much to get me excited when it comes to good green deals that are also unique at the same time.  That being said, it shouldn’t be a surprise when I say how thrilled I was to receive a package of Earthzone Special Edition Recycled Pencils!  Yes, yes I said pencils! But these pencils are pretty darn cool.  Seriously!

When I opened them everyone in the family came over to “check them out.”  They are made of 100% percent recycled newspapers and according to Earthzone, they are fully sustainable and made with no raw materials or harsh chemicals.  What makes these pencils even more special(as special as a pencil can be), is that EVERY one is different!  I love this and so did my family and my husband even noticed this particular box of pencils had some pencils with some words in a different language.  It was fun to trying to decipher what was on each pencil.  They come sharpened and even include a sharpener and another cool bonus is that you can recycle the shavings when you do need to sharpen them. That is pretty darn nifty if you ask me!

My son tells me everyone at school thinks he is pretty cool with this unique pencil and it really opens up a great conversation about recycling and how some products can be fun!  All in all, they are a huge hit in our home!