Daiya Provolone Style Slices

Traditional provolone is one of those cheeses that I always forget is really so great when melted and super stretchy, I’m definitely a fan. So I was hoping that would help me easily become a fan of Daiya’s provolone style slices, as a great alternative in my sandwiches. Created with similar ingredients to other Daiya products, including water, tapioca starch, fruit palm oil, non-GMO canola oil and/or non-GMO safflower oil, coconut oil, pea protein and other ingredients to add flavors and thickening.

Since there is no dairy, I shouldn’t expect these slices to smell like the real cheese but I really was hoping that they would! They didn’t smell as funky as the havarti jalapeno and garlic did, but I didn’t gravitate towards always using these slices because of their “unique” smell. Really the ladies at the Daiya booth at the NYC Green Festival really know how to work with their product because anything I tried to make with these never tasted as good as their versions.

It takes a little bit longer for this cheese to melt compared to traditional dairy provolone, but a bit of patience is just needed. I have used it in a grilled cheese sandwich and egg omelet and those tasted just fine. Substitute for any recipe that calls for cheese, as there’s not much of a difference for me. Try it on your favorite burger or veggie sandwich, it’s completely vegan too!