CTRL Acne Treatment System

ctrl acne review
I recently got flashbacks to my high school days when I received in the mail CTRL Acne Treatment System for men (they have one for women as well). This product which is gender specific comes kits including a facial cleanser, a “Male Active Treatment” and a spot treatment.
ctrl acne treatment reviews
Now I have been using the same cleanser since I was 14 years old, so I was a bit apprehensive about using something new. I found the cleanser to be satisfactory. My skin did not feel dry afterwards (the most important thing for me) and it felt sufficiently clean. It did not lather which was a bit tricky but after using it a few times I learned how to use it properly. The “Male Active Treatment” seemed to keep my skin moist and well hydrated, which is important for the winter here on the East Coast. I will say that it has a rather unpleasant smell that I could not seem to escape for the good part of the morning.

Other than that it was fine. I did not really need to use the spot treatment as my teenage acne was luckily vanquished. I did put it on once and there were no adverse effects. If you are struggling with acne and looking to try something different, I would suggest you visitctrlacne.com and try it out for yourself. Leave some feedback if you’ve used it before.