Crayons Drink Review

Hi, I am Ed, a new reviewer for

Crayons? Fruit Juice Drinks

I grew up as an artistic minded kind, so you probably couldn?t go in my room from the ages of 2 to 13 without being able to find a box of Crayons. So when given the opportunity to review a drink called Crayons, I jumped at the notion.

When checking in on the company I was excited to find that it?s a company founded by 3 fathers! I myself will be a father in six short months and definitely care about what will be going into my kid, and that is the approach Crayons? Fruit Juice Drinks have taken when it comes to their products. They found a way to create an all natural fruit drink that is nutritional and also great tasting. With SugarGuard? we know the drink isn?t going to have us running to the ceiling on a sugar high, this label lets us know we?re getting something more natural not pumped with sweeteners.

Now on to the drinks. I had two flavors to sample, Tickled Pink Lemonade and Outrageous Orange Mango. Formerly of the south, I know lemonade, so I tried the Tickled Pink Lemonade first. I wondered how could lemonade in a can with limited sweeteners be good. Boy was I pleasantly surprised. It tasted like a good quality lemonade, and it was very refreshing after doing work around the house all day. The only thing I was sad about was the size of the can. At 8 fluid ounces, it?s a bit small for my taste. Though for a kid, it?s perfectly sized. Next I tried the Outrageous Orange Mango, very delicious as well. Tastes of orange with hints of mango in the background. I could easily imagine this being a big hit in the summer, easily replacing a Capri Sun right after a Little League Baseball game when I was young. Two thumbs up from this guy. Get some of these if you can.

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