Couronne Recycled Glass Products

Think about all the vases lying around each year from the flowers you send to your mother, girlfriend or secretary. There is probably tons of glass lying around doing nothing, so why not recycle it or purchase some recycled glass?

Couronne designs glassware, plates, jars and candle holders out of recycled glass. It’s not only eco-fabulous, but it saves the virgin sand, ash and limestone from being mined.

I have a few of these products at home. Two are small containers that are good for storing pencils or pens in a conveient spot in my kitchen. I suppose I could put small flowers in the vase, but the pens work for me. The larger, green vase, is not too flowery looking but hey, it’s a vase, so it is supposed to hold flowers.

It does it’s job well and the green color reminds me of beer bottles. Check them out at Couronne’s website.