Copco – Cold and Got To Go Cups

I use many products daily in my life. I wear boxer briefs, I use soap, I brush my teeth with Tom’s Of Maine, but not until I discovered Copco’s ToGo Cups did I drink tea every morning. The reason is that I couldn’t find a cup that retained the temperature long enough for my ride to work. I found it in the double insulated, BPA free hot beverage mug. The 16oz tumbler is a great size for filling with coffee, hot chocolate or my fave, yerba mate. Now you must be thinking, what makes this better than other brands. Well, I don’t know but I can tell you my opinion. It’s sturdy, the lid has a ¼ turn locking feature and the exterior sleeve is nice as well.

Copco has a similar item but for cold drinks like iced tea or smoothies. Perfect for the summer ride to work on those hot days or just for lounging out in your yard. Built in straw too. Without a sleeve, it’s sleek design fits nicely into my cup holders. Copco’s ying/yang tumblers are great for me and I’ve noticed they even have them in other colors now, but I’ll stick with my brown.