Conscious Colors Color Aromas

If you are looking for more balance in your life and some lovely aromatherapy, then Color Aromas may be for you. Visit to view the full line of Chakra Oils and Aura Misters. I personal tried the Chakra Oil in yellow, which promotes better digestion, clearer thinking and improved self-esteem. A few drops are placed on the solar plexus daily.

color aromas reviews

I also tried the royal blue Aura Mister for mediation, relaxation and empowerment. I sprayed this one in our bedroom and in all honesty for the few weeks I tested them, it is very difficult to say that they worked on improving these areas of my life, but they did smell great and make me feel good using them. They are pricy, averaging about $20 for a bottle, but you can order them individually or as a set from the website above. If you are into essential oils, these may a great buy for you!