Cocoze Sandals

Products that are sustainable are amazing and it seems as though there are still not enough of them, but we are one step closer with Cocoze Sandals. They are made from coconut husks and completely compostable, except for the straps. I had never heard of such sandals, but that’s because they are one of a kind, there are no other sandals made from the same materials out there.

Now I know you’re probably thinking they might not look too comfy because of that rough looking material, yet that isn’t the case at all! Once you put your feet in them, you don’t even notice that the material may look rough. Hopefully all you’re thinking is how smooth your feet are going to be after wearing these for a while, because that’s what I was thinking while the coconut fiber was acting as a natural exfoliate. Since the coconut fiber needs a binding agent to stay together, natural rubber was used which allows it to be extremely durable, flexible and comfortable for long wear periods.

Besides being all natural and 100% vegan, Cocoze’s environmental impact is minimal, as the density of the fiber only allows for minimal mechanized processing. The straps (uppers) are super smooth on my feet. Made from hemp and flax with organic cotton backing for comfort. So every pair is mainly made by hand and the heat of the sun is used to give it’s finish instead of mechanized heating methods. To find out how Cocoze sandals came to be, check out their history here.

I’ve worn these sandals and loved that they are helping my feet become nice and smooth, while being 100% natural and biodegradable. Being renewable and sustainable; since coconut fiber in many countries is considered waste. So instead of it being trash, a purpose has been found for them. Coconut husks are a naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal as well as salt water-resistant. This fiber is very tough material with high tension and abrasion strength, making them extremely durable.

Besides telling you all about these really cool sandals because they are cool. I want you to know about them because Cocoze is having a fundraiser on Kickstarter so that they can raise funds to create the “greenest” and most eco-friendly shoes ever. They have 7 days to go, as of this posting. Won’t you help them achieve their goal to create a sustainable shoe for everyone. Check out their Kickstarter crowdfunding site here and their website to buy your own coconut fiber sandals here.