Best shorts ever! A Nau review.

by Mike on June 12, 2007 · 1 comment

Nau's Industrial Shorts (Right Side)

Nau’s clothing line is amazing. Finally, I got my hands on some Nau clothing and I was not disappointed. Nau is a relativly new company known for sustainable and recycled clothing mixed with organic cottons and other materials.

The shorts, called Industrial Shorts, are amazing. The made from 82% recycled polyester. They are unbelieveably comfortable, breathable and versitile. They are perfect for biking, walking, relaxing, running, etc. These loose, but not too loose fitting shorts have two zippered rear pockets with ample room for a wallet, phone, etc.

The material is made from polyester which is resistant to abrasions, lint and animal hair. The textured interior of the shorts keep moisture away and feel soft against the skin. There’s so much room inside these shorts for any outdoor activity.

The only suggestion I have is to mind what you have in the front pockets. They are semi-shallow compared to the zippered rear pockets. However, the materials are resistant to water and wind and grit makes these rugged shorts some of the best shorts out today. Size 34 is normally too big for me, I wear a 33. These are not falling off big, but I do need a belt. There are plenty more pictures of the shorts here if you do not want to click here on Nau’s flash site.

Nau’s prices are up there, but you will get a product that will last and is backed by a great company. Nau is still young as a whole, but their employees have so much experience in the fields of design and the environment.

These are my favorite pair of shorts ever. I just don’t want to stop wearing them!

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