CideRoad Organic Switchel

I’d like to start off by saying that I have only tried apple cider vinegar once, and it was a bit strong for me. That’s why I was skeptical when I was asked to review Cide-Road’s Organic Switchel. What is swichel you ask, as I did as well. Switchel is a drink that has been made for hundreds of years using apple cider vinegar, ginger and sweetener. The three flavors I was given were original, cherry and blueberry. Upon doing my research on the company’s awesome website (go check it out, it’s very creative), I learned a lot about its history and what makes this unique drink so great. All that was left was to actually try the flavors.

Let’s start with the simple ”original” flavor. According to the bottle, which is written by a company with a funny sense of light hearted humor, switchel is made using apple cider vinegar, ginger and maple syrup. Reviewing the ingredients list I was pleased to see that A: the drink was organic, and B: almost everything used was recognizable to me. The taste was deffinatly not as harsh as I was bracing myself for. It was actually quite good. The strength of the apple cider vinegar was present; however it was complemented well by the sweeteners. At the time I was battling a cold/sore throat, and although this drink did not say it would help, help it did. The tang of the vinegar I felt helped aid in the clearing of my sore throat, at least that’s what I choose to believe.

The Next flavor I tried was “cherry”. I have tried may drinks and foods that claim to be cherry flavored, and miss the mark completely. This is NOT one of those items. The cherry flavor is not bold and in your face. It isn’t too weak to taste either. A precise balance that complements the harmony of the apple cider vinegar’s tang very well. Yet again the drink’s sweetness was quite refreshing on a hot summer day.

Finally we come to the blueberry switchel. This was hands down my favorite flavor! I have yet to try a drink that captured the tart yet sweet taste of real blueberries as well as Cide-road has. This drink quenched my thirst, healed my throat (still my firm belief that apple cider vinegar is magical) and was a great tangy/fruity/sweet change of pace from boring juices and sodas. I highly recommend this historic beverage to everyone, and they now have a new customer to help spread their tangy goodness! Order yours in their online store here.