Charm School Vegan Chocolate


I don’t have a very big sweet tooth, but the occasional sweet treat is always welcomed. Quality over quantity has always been my motto with most things in life and that most certainly applies for the food I eat. So I prefer a really great quality treat when I do have one and Charm School Chocolate (CSC) certainly fits that requirement!


I first tasted CSC’s Coconut Milk Chocolate at NYC Green Festival in April and found it to be so very creamy and rich. It easily became my favorite of all the flavors. They also offer a Vanilla Bean White Chocolate, as well as 70% Dark Chocolate bar. The dark chocolate was very bitter to me and I wasn’t a fan, though have never been a fan of true dark chocolate because of that exact bitter taste.

Plain chocolate bars get dressed up with a variety of additions such as rice crisps and jalapeño nibs with sea salt. If a chocolate bar is too simple of a treat, look no further than CSC’s chocolate covered nuts and espresso beans. For the first time ever I tried a chocolate covered espresso bean, to me it tasted like eating coffee. Since I’m not even a coffee drinker, it’s not something that I could see myself enjoying regularly but would be great for those that enjoy that sort of flavor.

All of CSC’s chocolates are non-dairy and certified vegan. They also use organic ingredients as much as possible though they are not officially certified organic at this time. For sweets you can enjoy in small portions, grab a bar or container of treats from Charm School Chocolates. Find a store near you that carries these delicious delights, click here.