Canson’s Sketch Books

Canson USA Recycled Sketch Book reviewsInspiration can strike at any place and at any time. As an artist you never know when the next great idea will come for a project or painting or illustration. The artist needs to use many tools to bring their ideas to life, and sketchbooks are a key to sketching out/jotting down the beginnings of those ideas.

Canson products have been around for a few years and their offerings run the gamut from paper for water color to print making specialized arts and crafts and more. Their sketch books are also a part of their arsenal and are also as reliable as their other products.

The sketchbooks reviewed came in different kinds of quality paper grades that range from rough for smooth texture. The purpose of which is to give a different result in sketches (and watercolors). After doing a few practice sketches with pencil and pen I found that the paper successfully captured the ink and the granite(from pencil) which produced a high quality result.

I highly recommend the Canson line of sketchbooks for anything from jotting down ideas to high-end renderings and final illustrations.