Butter Beans Food & Garden Summer Camp

Discovered at the NYC Green Festival in April, Butter Beans is a food education community located in New York City. They offer children and their families the opportunity to learn about the food they eat; where it comes from and how it is grown. Since the knowledge of farming may not be something so easily understood in an urban setting.

Throughout the spring, April to June they offer culinary adventures, which include foraging for wild edibles in city parks, creating internationally inspired meals and cooking with the flavors of the season.

Currently they offer two of their three food & garden summer camp sessions in Manhattan and Brooklyn, which run for two weeks at a time. Campers explore farmers markets, create jams, cheeses, breads and pickles while learning how to become master composters, urban farmers and chocolatiers. Here are the session schedules, for more information contact camp@butterbeanskitchen.com