Boxed Water Isn’t Better

Last summer I passed by a restaurant at the Jersey Shore that had outdoor seating. Though the table had been recently vacated, the table hadn’t been cleared just yet. I noticed what looked like a tiny milk carton on the table with the words “Boxed Water is Better” on the side. At the time I didn’t inquire any further about what it was, but I really should have!

Boxed Water-2

It wasn’t until attend Natural Products Expo East 2015 that I discovered this company again. I found out a bit more about this unique boxed water. Created as a school project, the designer claimed that fewer resources would be used in supplying the public with water in boxes instead of bottles. These boxes are the same ones that are used for coconut water, which also depends on your location to know if they can be recycled properly. Click here to see if your area can recycle these types of containers.

Since it has taken many years to have plastic bottle recycling in most areas (some rural areas still don’t offer recycling) it is likely that there are currently more areas that don’t accept this type of recycling carton. I can’t say that I support boxed water, especially not over bottled water. It seems that creating more waste in our world is the last thing we need. We shouldn’t be creating new packaging solutions that create waste, but making the solutions we already have actually better. Reusable water bottles and glasses should be the only way to consume water; it’s the waste-free way!