Boots Botanics Organic Lip Balm, Body Butter, Toner & Face Scrub

It is so great to find out that there are so many organic beauty products that are becoming more and more available.  This is especially great because the public is becoming aware that beauty products aren’t regulated and can have many harmful chemicals in them without users knowing it.  I was happy to try several different products from Boots Botanics.  Their face scrub was very light and fresh.  The scrub part didn’t feel like chemical beads I was rubbing into my skin, but more like fine sand, which I felt was the most organic part of the scrub.  I had used it in combination with my daily face wash for an extra clean feeling.

The next product I felt was good but could use some improvement was their body butter.  Because only for the fact that when I first began to use it the smell of the body butter was very overwhelming in an unpleasant way.  After multiple uses the smell did lessen a bit, but I would have preferred any other scent besides Murumuru butter.  Using the actual body butter was wonderful as it was rich and creamy.  It did take a while to work into my skin but was very much worth the effort of having such smooth skin with the addition of the shea butter.  With its 81% certified ingredients I certainly would consider this body butter a great staple for dry winter skin or that which has been dried out by humid summer heat, so it is great all year long.

Boots Botanics organic lip balm is made from active plant extracts, which include shea butter, olive oil and beeswax.  Before reading the ingredients list I could clearly tell that this lip balm is made from beeswax or a similar product by the great texture I can see through the tube.

The 100% certified organic Face Rosewater Toner is a product I never knew I had a use for as I have only used soap and face washes to cleanse my face and help removed makeup.  This light refreshing toner left my face feeling great and extra clean.  I used it after I scrubbed and washed my face but I’m sure it would be even better after removing makeup.  It has a great flowery smell of course of roses.  I highly recommend using “the power of plants.”

The lip balm applied very smoothly with little effort, as I’m sure the olive oil aided in the application.  Because of how smooth, moisturizing and non-greasy this lip balm is I would suggest it as it is priced well for an organic lip balm at $6.99 on their website and also found locally at Target stores with their full line of beauty products.